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  • News PlayStation Predicts PC Revenue to More Than Triple This Fiscal Year

    Ports galore

    Sony’s PC strategy is off to a sturdy start, with Days Gone and God of War closing on one million units apiece – and Horizon Zero Dawn already way over two million units. The company pulled a cool $80 million on PC in its fiscal year ending 31st March, 2022 – and it’s predicting revenue in the region of $300 million for the...

  • News Around 20% of Sony's Output Could Be Mobile by 2025

    As company looks beyond console

    Sony is not just bringing its games to PC but also to mobile, as it looks to extend the PlayStation experience beyond the boundaries of its traditional console walled garden. As part of an investor relations briefing, it revealed plans for roughly 20 per cent of its software output to be mobile by 2025 – a...

  • News More Than Half of PlayStation's Investment Could Be in Live Service Games by 2025

    Follow the money

    Sony really isn’t kidding around with this live service strategy it’s been blathering about. As part of an investor relations presentation, the organisation estimated that more than half of its investment into PS5 could be live service by 2025, as it looks to capture growth in the lucrative sector. For those not clued up with...

  • News PS5 Supply Issues a 'Top Priority' for Sony as It Aims to Overtake PS4 Again in 2024

    Sony taking steps to sort things out

    It comes as absolutely no surprise, but Sony really wants to sort out these ongoing PS5 stock issues. The current-gen console is still being hamstrung by problems in the supply chain — both at manufacturing and shipping levels. The Japanese giant calls the continued supply issues a "top priority" in its latest...

  • News PSVR2 Will Have Over 20 Major Launch Titles

    Welcome to the next dimension

    PSVR2 will launch with more than 20 games, from both first-party studios and third-party partners. While the platform holder stopped short of sharing any specific names, it was confident enough to drop the tidbit during an investor relations briefing which outlined the PlayStation division’s strategy for the near...

  • News Retro Shooter Jim Power Returns in PS4 Collection

    Includes long-lost SEGA Genesis version

    These retro compilations that keep coming out are not only getting cooler – they’re also getting more obscure. Take the 1993 shooter Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D, which didn’t even deploy in Europe. The game’s getting ported to the PS4 – but even better, it’ll come bundled with a long-lost...

  • News First PS1 on PS5, PS4 Analysis Drops, And There Are Highs and Lows

    Overall, it could be better

    It’s been a few days since the new tiers of PS Plus launched in parts of Asia, and that means gamers have already got their hands on some of the retro titles included within the list of All PS Plus Games. Sony is selling its PS Plus Premium tier on the strength of its classic games catalogue – although it does offer a...

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